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Brooklyn Tweed Dapple is a DK yarn that balances the spring and bounce of fine American Merino wool with the airy softness of Texas organic cotton, with a lofty 2-ply woolen-spun construction for that “favorite sweatshirt” feel in baby sweaters, lightweight shawls, and garments. Dapple’s unique dye process creates heathered tonal colorways that shift throughout each skein and vary from skein to skein for one-of-a-kind projects every time.

3% of profits from Dapple help to support the National Black Farmers Association in perpetuity, to aid farmers who have historically been excluded from land ownership and to recognize the complex history of American cotton.

  • 165 yards (150 meters) | 50 grams | DK weight
  • 2-ply woolen-spun construction
  • 60% 20.5 micron Merino wool from Utah & Nevada
  • 40% organic cotton from Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative
  • Wool scoured at Chargeurs Wool USA in South Carolina
  • Cotton ginned at Woolam Gin in Texas
  • Spun at Crescent Woolen Mills in Wisconsin
  • Skein dyed at Caledonian Dye Works in Pennsylvania
  • Finished at Clemson Winding in Pennsylvania

100% developed, sourced, processed, spun and dyed in the USA.

Dapple is a tonal-dyed blend of fine Colorado Merino and Texas organic cotton, spun woolen for a lofty hand and softly rustic texture. Its unique fiber-blending and dyeing process create subtle variations of color and texture throughout each batch for dappled, tonal color effects.

Mix subtle shades within a single colorway and have fun with fades, ombres and dimensional hues in your fabric. Find delight in Dapple’s dots of undyed cotton and varied color saturation. Each colorway boasts unique iterations of hue: from light to dark and everything in between. We can’t wait to see what one-of-a-kind pieces you dream up in Dapple.

To make use of the tonality in your yarn to form a gradient, first take stock of the tones in your skeins by laying them out from darkest to lightest. You may find it helpful to untwist them so that you can get a sense of any variability within each skein. Then go forth and fade! In a similar way to hand-dyed yarn, make sure to alternate skeins as you transition from one skein to the next.

Brooklyn Tweed sourced fluffy organic cotton from Texas and fine Merino wool from Utah & Nevada to create a yarn that knits like wool and wears like cotton. The sweet spot – a 60/40 wool-cotton blend that balances Merino wool’s elasticity and bounce with cotton’s breathability and softness. Dapple’s woolen-spun construction creates sweatshirt-soft fabrics that are perfect for next-to-skin wear, with the heathered look of our favorite wool yarns.

Dapple’s blend of Merino wool and organic cotton is dyed in the skein with traditional wool dyes. Only the wool in the yarn absorbs color, leaving speckles of undyed organic cotton scattered throughout each skein to create gently heathered hues with an engaging tonal effect. Experiment with fades, ombres and nuanced colorwork in your knitting – Dapple’s darker colorways tend to display greater variability of tone, while lighter colorways are more softly shaded.

Dapple’s lofty woolen-spun construction is wonderful for a wide range of gauges:

  • 5¼ – 6 stitches to 1"
  • Suggested Needle: 3.75 - 4.5 mm (US 5-7)
  • Suggested Hook: 4.5 - 5.5 mm (US 7 - I-9)

Dapple is a handcrafted product. For best results, we recommend alternating skeins when joining in a new skein for even color distribution.

Learn more about working with Dapple’s unique tonal colorways.

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